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Q: Do I need to make a reservation and how far in advance do I have to book my reservation?
• Monday through Sunday reservations are required. We do take walk-in’s, however we strongly recommend making a reservation to ensure availability of aJet Ski Tour or Boat Rental.
• There is a cancellation policy for Boat Rental & Jet Skis. Please inquire with our office staff, if not a 50% of your total amount will be charged to card provided at time of  reservation.

Q: What are your hours of operation?
• We are open 365 days a year
• 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time
• Last hourly freedom ride for WaveRunners is 4:00 PM. During summer hours (freedom rides are done till 30 minutes before sundown). Last appointment for Jet Ski Tours is 3:00 PM.

• Last hourly appointment for boats is 4:00 PM.

Q: What kind of watercraft does A1A Watersports & Boat Rentals have for rent?
• We have Center Consoles, Deck Boats, Pontoons, and Tritoons, As well Waverunners.

• Kayaks and Stand up Paddle Boards

Q: What are your locations and do you deliver? 

• A1A Watersports & Boat Rentals Main office is located on the bayside just a little before Snake Creek Bridge and close to Venetian Shores, If you went over the Bridge you went to far. (This location has Jet Ski's, Boat Rentals, SUP's and Kayaks.)

•  We are in Islamorada,FL located on the bayside at mile marker 85.9

• We deliver boats for rentals of 3 days or more from Key Largo to Marathon. Depending on your location, we will either      bring the boat by water or we will deliver the boat by trailer to a boat ramp near you. 

• We offer Delivery within 5 miles North or South of our location

Q: Service Charge for Credit Cards

• A 2.85% Customer Service Charge is applied to all store sales. As an incentive for customers, we provide a 2.85% Discount for purchases made with Cash.

Q: Is there a deposit?
• No, however a valid major credit card must be on file to cover any incidentals or damages while you are under the rental agreement.

Q: What is your cancellation/refund policy?

Jet Ski Tour Private Groups
• There is no penalty if you cancel more than 48 hours prior to your reservation date. (No same day cancellations )

 Boat Rentals
• You will be charged 50% of your full rental amount if you cancel within 24 hours prior to your reservation date for Boat Rentals. This is for 2 days or more reservations only. 

• The company may cancel your reservation at any time due to unsafe weather and/or boating conditions. If the company    cancels your reservation you will be issued a full refund for Jet Ski & Boat Rentals.

Q: What’s included with the rentals? ( life jackets, etc)
• You get full use of the vessel you have rented.
• All safety equipment, including life jackets, is included with the cost of the rental.
• Boats are kept with a full tank of gas. You will pay for the fuel you use on Boat Rental.
• Freedom WaveRunner rentals include fuel on a one or two hour rental. Jet Ski Tours include Snorkel gear.

Q: What if I have no boating experience?
• Our competent and experienced crew will guide you through a boating orientation, and we recommend completing the Safe Boating Course available at .

Q: How old do I have to be to rent watercraft?
• Anyone born on or after January 1, 1988 who operates a vessel powered by 10 horsepower or more must pass an approved boater safety course and have in his/her possession a photo ID and a boating safety education identification card issued by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. For information on obtaining a boater’s safety card, please visit
• Renter must have a valid driver's license and be at least 21 years old. (18 years old or older to rent WaveRunners or kayaks). Note: if a parent signs for and supervises the child, we are OK with as young as 16 for Waverunners.
• Renter must sign a legal and binding contract and abide by all terms of said agreement thus must be at least 21 years old.

Q: What do I do when it's time to come in?
• Waverunners are guided into our marina with prior instructions and landed safely on our landing pad. Boats are to wait out on the red buoys as previously instructed and one of our staff members will come out to meet you and guide the boat safely into the marina. We take all the worries out of our renters by parking the boat ourselves. We will top off the boat with fuel and charge you for the fuel used. There, one of our crew will finalize the checkout paperwork.

Q: How many people do the boats hold?
• Our boats can accommodate anywhere from 1 to 12 passengers, depending on the boat as well the weight of the passengers. Please call for specific details or if you have questions.

Q: What if I want to hire someone to drive the boats for us?
• If you hire someone to drive the boat, they must have a valid and current Captain’s license.

Q: Do we trailer the boats down to the launch ramp?
• No, that's one of the best parts, all watercraft will be in the water ready to go when you arrive!

Q: How do I know where to go?
• We run you through an orientation of the watercraft as well as the local waters and show you where to go on the waterway maps we provide. We can show you all the local highlights, restaurants, and even local fishing spots.

Q: Can we keep the boats overnight?
• Rentals that are for multiple days can be docked at private homes or marinas given they have a dock and appropriate water depth. All daily boat rentals cannot be taken for nightly runs or overnight stays.

Q: Will I need to refuel the boats during the day?

• Not on a 4-hour rental and it’s very rare on an 8-hour rental. However, this depends on how far the boat is taken and how hard the motor is run. Only on multiple day rentals can you put fuel on your own. All daily rentals have to refuel at our location. 

Q: Where is a good place to anchor?
• Our crew will review the local waterways and highlights with you upon your arrival.

Q: Are dogs allowed on your boats?
• Give us a call and we’ll discuss the options available for pets.